I don’t know about you, but for me, the 2017 Virginia Homeschool Convention went by far too fast, and I’m simply delighted to get to start HEAV’s first-ever “Convention Listening Club” both here on the blog and within our very active Convention Facebook Group.

What’s a Listening Club?

You’ve heard of book clubs and may well have even participated in a few over the years.  This is similar, except we’ll be listening to recordings from the 2017 Virginia Homeschool Convention and then using the Convention Facebook Group to discuss what we heard. Sound fun?

How does this work?

Each Friday for the next eight weeks, we will announce the workshop that we’ll start discussing the following week.  Find some time over the weekend to listen to the workshop. Soak in all the wisdom and encouragement–and maybe even take a few notes as you go along! Then on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we’ll post a question related to the workshop on the Convention Facebook Group. Everyone is invited to share their thoughts and experiences as well as ask questions.  We’ll also invite the speakers themselves to pop in if they can to share in the fun!

How can I participate?

  • First, make sure you are a part of the Convention Facebook Group. Submit your request to join right away so we can approve you!
  • Second, you’ll want to get the recordings. I really suggest buying the whole set of more than 100 workshops because there is so much more in there than what we’ll have time to visit in our club. You CAN buy the recordings individually, however, so if you only want to get the ones we’ll be doing in the club, you can do that (see the list below.) If you purchase now through next Wednesday, you can get the whole set for just $69!
  • Third, keep a watch on the convention group as we announce the next workshop and share questions to start discussions. Be sure to comment and add your thoughts to the discussion!
  • Last, invite some of your homeschooling friends to join us!  The more people participating, the more fun and enriching it will be for everyone.

Is this club only for people who attended the convention?

No!  EVERYONE is invited to join us!  Just follow the steps above. This is a great way to get a taste of what is available at the convention and if you’ve never been, you may want to start making plans to attend next year. ♥

List of workshops we’ll be covering:

(Workshop titles are links that will bring you to the purchase page for that single title. We encourage you to go ahead and buy the whole bundle of more than 100 recordings here)

The Recordings Are On Sale through July 5!

You can buy the entire set forJust $99!  I encourage you to go and grab that set now because we will likely extend this Listening Club beyond eight weeks, adding in more great titles to discuss, if we have good participation.

Virginia Homeschool Convention Recordings

Comment to let us know if you’ll be joining in!

Tell us in the comments here if you’ll be able to join in with us on the Facebook Group!  We are so looking forward to delving into these topics with you in this new way.  We hope you enjoy the new Convention Listening Club!

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Join us for the 2017 Virginia Homeschool Convention LISTENING CLUB as we listen to recorded workshops and discuss them. The speakers may even pop in to deepen the discussions!