HEAV Virginia Homeschool Convention MP3 with Jonathan Brush

The 2017 Virginia Homeschool Convention was so full of encouragement, experiences, information, and tools to equip us for the most important work we do as parents and homeschoolers. It was three days of speakers, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers pouring into Virginia’s homeschoolers and it was impossible to take it all in. I’m delighted to be able to take some time, now, to really listen to the many workshops I missed and share some of the highlights with you.

Ten Crucial Years (Jonathan Brush)

I considered starting with the workshops given on Thursday, but instead I’m going to begin with one of the last talks given this year. There was SO much to take away from this workshop and if you don’t want to buy all of the recordings, I encourage you to go grab this one talk right now, no matter how old your children are.

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In “Ten Crucial Years,” Mr. Brush talks about a plan he and his wife set out for ages ten through nineteen. They chose a theme for each year (creativity and handiwork, friendships, sacrifice, work ethic, etc.) that would be the focus of their guidance and encouragement for their children during those 12 months. Once the first ten years–the ones that you’ve spent serving your children, training them in obedience, spending time with them, building trust with them, and forging a strong relationship with them–have passed, you’ll find that the second ten years are completely different and you may spend more time discovering your children’s individual gifts and talents and preparing them to leave you.

I encourage you to listen to this whole workshop as soon as you get the chance to, but I especially wanted to make sure you hear what Mr. Brush has to say about Year 14 where he and his wife chose to focus on work ethic.

Have a listen:

This workshop is full of powerful stories like this and you can hear the whole thing right now by purchasing the entire set of recordings in MP3 format or by just purchasing this single workshop. If you have young children or are just entering that second ten years with your kids, this is powerful stuff worth hearing over and over again.


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Other Workshops by Jonathan Brush:

About The Speaker:

Jonathan Brush is a first generation homeschool graduate and homeschool dad of six. Jonathan is the executive director of student life and coaching services for Lumerit Education; previously, he worked in higher education admissions, including nine years as a director of admissions for a private liberal arts college. Jonathan speaks to families and groups across the country about how to seek out and train for adventures and prepare correctly for the amazing opportunities available in the time and place that we live. Jonathan and his family make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

About the Author:

Sandra Modersohn is the Social Media Manager for HEAV and a sincere supporter of homeschooling and family rights in the state of Virginia. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband and five children where they all run the local homeschool group and do their best to support homeschooling families in the region.  Sandra blogs about her own homeschool journey over at Little Learning Lovies and would like to invite you to find ways that you can help serve homeschool families either through membership and volunteering with HEAV or by becoming active in your local homeschool community.

Jonathan Brush shares his 10 year plan for his family. From the 2017 Virginia Homeschool Convention.