There’s something for everyone at the HEAV 34th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention (June 8-10)–and at this month’s Facebook party, we’re focusing on parents of children with special needs.

The Exhibit Hall, a one-stop resource for curricula, books, games, puzzles, DVDs, CDs, kits and more, also has many hands-on activities for all children—and adults!—who benefit from visual and tactile experiences. Look for the “hands-on” icon!Hands-On Learning at HEAV's Virginia Homeschool Convention

For parents of children with mild to moderate disabilities, HEAV offers a Special Buddies program—full of fun activities, games, and learning—so parents can attend the convention. Our testing table in the Exhibit Hall and the special-needs table in the lobby are both staffed by compassionate and experienced homeschool parents who may have walked this road with their own children. They are open periodically throughout the weekend for counseling, information, or just a listening ear.

Convention Track Just for Special Learners

The special learners workshop track includes varied topics—and here are just a few highlights:

Tackling Tricky High School Issues: Practical Help and Guidance for Homeschooling High School Students with Special Needs – Faith Berens

Teaching Struggling Learners at Home: Nuts and Bolts for Success – Faith Berens

Could It Be a Learning Disability? – Kristen Eckenwiler

The Gift of Multi-Sensory Teaching – Kristen Eckenwiler

Special Learners Panel Discussion

Great Giveaways

Enter to win a one of these great giveaways! They will remain open until March 10, 2017!

How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and On to Learning

Enter to win this book by Carol Barnier about how to homeschool a highly distractible, ADHD, or just plain fidgety child!

Carol Barnier's special needs book giveaway
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Institute for Excellence in Writing $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Win a $50 gift certificate for the Institute for Excellence in Writing, an award-winning approach to teaching students how to write well, think clearly, and communicate effectively!

Be sure to visit IEW’s booth in the Exhibit Hall at the convention!
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The Struggling Reader $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Enter to win $25 off a purchase at The Struggling Reader booth in the Exhibit Hall at the 2017 HEAV convention in June!

Be sure to hear Kristen Eckenweiler’s workshops at the convention in June!
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Eden Hope Academy Academy Zippered Bag

Enter for a chance to win the “official” zippered bag by Eden Hope Academy!
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Teaching a Child with Special Needs by Judi Munday

Enter to win a chance for a copy of Teaching a Child with Special Needs at Home and School: Strategies that Really Work by  Judi Munday!
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 What’s for Dinner? Homeschool Family Favorite Recipes cookbook

HEAV's Cookbook for Virginia Homeschool Families

Enter for a chance to win HEAV’s first cookbook, chock full of recipes that are perfect for homeschool families–large and small!
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Special Learners Track at the Convention

Tackling Tricky High School Issues: Practical Help and Guidance for Homeschooling High School Students with Special Needs – Faith Berens

This workshop addresses some of the challenges associated with homeschooling struggling or atypical learners in the high school years. Do you have questions such as, “How do I award my child with special needs a diploma?” or “What do I do since my child with dyslexia can’t read typical high school level material?” Faith discusses alternative coursework, specialized curricula and learning materials, assistive technology, transcript options, possible graduation guidelines/high school programs for special learners, post-high school options, as well as offer tips for navigating the process of applying for testing accommodations for the college boards.


Teaching Struggling Learners at Home: Nuts and Bolts for Success – Faith Berens

This workshop offers practical resources, lists of materials, and curricula in order to help equip you as you work with a struggling learner in your homeschool. Multi-sensory teaching methods, direct instruction, modeled teaching, and “scaffolding” instruction are shared, as well as ideas for designing a unique home instruction program tailored to your child’s specific challenges.

Could It Be a Learning Disability? – Kristen Eckenwiler

When a homeschooled child seems to flounder for no easily identified reason, parents often exhaust themselves in their search for answers. At some point parents may wonder if there might be a learning disability at the root of their child’s struggle. Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to help parents sort out the difference between routine struggles and those that could well be the result of a learning disability.

The Gift of Multi-Sensory Teaching – Kristen Eckenwiler

For decades, learning specialists have understood the power of multi-sensory teaching. Often associated with learning disabilities, this dynamic teaching strategy has found a home in many non-disability settings as well. Kristen and her husband have designed this workshop to explain the research-based thinking behind multi-sensory teaching methods. Practical suggestions will be given for adding this powerful strategy to your own classroom.

Special Learners Panel Discussion

Get your questions answered with this panel of experienced educators with a special heart for children with learning difficulties.


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  1. CJ Walker says:

    This is awesome! We’ve recently found out that my son has ASD. We have decided to homeschool him full time. This is exactly what we need! Thank you for adding this!

    1. admin says:

      CJ, We are so grateful we live in a state where we have the option to homeschool and the flexibility to teach our children the way they learn best. Best wishes to you and your son for a successful beginning! Be sure to call the office if we can of any service to you!

  2. Tara Tyler says:

    Great giveaway! And I love the facebook events.

  3. Kristi R says:

    Thank you once again HEAV for the chance to win some wonderful gifts!

  4. Pam says:

    Sounds like a really great book

  5. Pam says:

    Very curious about the recipes in this cookbook

  6. Pam says:

    I will definitely check out v the iew booth this june

  7. Rhea Harper says:

    Thank you so much for the great giveaways!
    ~ Rhea

  8. Denette Caviness says:

    Love these giveaways! Thank you!!

  9. Emily Davis says:

    So exciting?

  10. Emily Davis says:

    Oops ! Not ? Hahha.

  11. Emily Davis says:

    I hear great things about IEW

  12. Lisa Ehrman says:

    The book about getting your child off the refrigerator looks funny! I’m sure it would be a great help to moms.

  13. Lisa Ehrman says:

    I’ve heard only good things about the IEW Institute. Winning a gift card will help a lot.

  14. Lisa Ehrman says:

    Having a struggling reader is so common in homeschooling. I look forward to visiting their booth.

  15. Lisa Ehrman says:

    The Eden Bag looks like it would hold a lot of books!

  16. Lisa Ehrman says:

    Teaching a Child with Special Needs sounds like a wonderful and helpful book. This is such an important subject to study.

  17. Lisa Ehrman says:

    I’m sure this cookbook offers some scrumptious recipes! Home school moms are the best cooks 🙂

  18. Christine says:

    This is wonderful and very informative, we are about to move to VA, hopefully by April first. I am raising my grandson, he is 14, and he’s been in public schools his entire school years. However I am thinking of home schooling him, for a few reasons. One is because he doesn’t do well in large classes/schools and we are coming from a smaller country school to a school that has triple the number of students. He does have an IEP , which I have thought of as a plus and as a negative reason for home schooling, therefore this article sounds very encouraging, thank you so much and you cite is so informative! I did home school my one daughter years ago when we lived in an area that didn’t have a good school, and I thought it was very enjoyable, but I am older now and a little nervous about starting it now and with a teenager.

  19. M. Hayes says:

    Thank you all for always being such a huge blessing!