The HEAV legislative team has reviewed almost 3,000 bills during this legislative session. We are closely following more than 30 bills online and in committee. The trend is for more innovation in education, and we are following numerous bills and committee discussions regarding the expansion of charter schools and government virtual schools.

The following update indicates the status of legislation at the time of “crossover” on February 7. This is the date that all bills in each respective chamber (House and Senate) must be decided. All bills that pass will go to the opposite chamber to be considered and must pass before going to the governor for his signature. Unless otherwise indicated, all new laws are implemented July 1 after the legislative session.

2017 Virginia Homeschool Legislation


2:20 Virtual School Concerns

4:25 AP and PSAT Notification HB 2355

7:00 Sports Access HB 1578

9:40 Dual Enrollment in Public HB 2007

12:09 Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts HB 1605  and SB 1243

14:30 Colleges Must Develop Policies for Dual Enrollment Credits HB 1662  

15:30 Academic Credit for American Sign Language Courses HB 1512

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