Q. I changed my curriculum for one subject during the school year. Should I contact the superintendent’s office to let him know that I changed a subject on the description of curriculum list I sent last August?

A. The law requires a parent to provide a description of curriculum (limited to a list of subjects) to be studied during the coming year along with a Notice of Intent. This is a list of the subjects you plan to study during the school year.

§ 22.1-254.1 B. Any parent who elects to provide home instruction in lieu of school attendance shall annually notify the division superintendent in August of his intention to so instruct the child and provide a description of the curriculum, limited to a list of subjects to be studied during the coming year, and evidence of having met one of the criteria for providing home instruction as required by subsection A.

The law does not address what you should do if you make curriculum changes. It does not require you to resubmit an updated list.

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