Q. What is the latest I should test? I want to make sure we finish all the material before testing.


A. I would suggest completing end-of-year tests no later than June. Once the test is mailed, you have no control over the mail service or the time it will take for the testing company to score your child’s test. It is not necessary to cover all the material for a child to score well on a standardized achievement test. Many students in public and private schools do not complete their textbooks, and your student’s progress is compared to those who may also not have completed a full year’s work.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    In addition, standardized achievement test scores are adjusted based on how many months of the grade have been completed at the time of testing. So it is important to fill in the box on the test labeled “number of months completed”. While we should test as close to the end of the school year as is practical (after all, it’s an “end of year” assessment), it is not necessary to test in June or even in May if March or April are more convenient for your family’s schedule (perhaps you have a trip scheduled, or will be moving, or someone will experience surgery and you want to get the testing out of the way while your schedule is quiet). The number of months of the grade completed is also important as many homeschoolers do not strictly follow the government school schedule (some begin in August or September, some school year-round, etc.).