by Jennifer Covington

Okay, let’s face it. Not everyone likes math, and I am one of those people. I think it’s because I never performed very well in math. Of course, now—as a homeschooling mom—I know that I probably just needed to work at my own pace. Struggling didn’t mean I couldn’t get it—I just hadn’t yet. Unfortunately, math lessons build upon previously understood concepts, so if a student doesn’t get it, that creates a downward spiral that is frustrating for both student and teacher. And what happens when that math-challenged student becomes the teacher? What’s the best way to go about teaching a subject that you do not like?

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to review  A+ Interactive Math’s online curriculum basic edition. This particular online version is purchased either monthly or yearly. The fee is reasonable and there are always specials and deals running. You can also purchase it in a CD format that would enable you to use the program again in the future. The differences between basic, premium and online can be read here. (Be sure to read about their new family program coming out next month!)



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I was in the process of looking for a math curriculum for my second-grader. Up to that point, we used what had come with her basic boxed curriculum, and I knew she was ready for something new. After chatting with the A+ Interactive Math staff at the 2013 HEAV convention, she and I both felt that this would be a good fit. The staff at the convention gave her a chance to sit and run through a few lessons. She found the lessons fun and the program easy to use.


Here are some of the things that she liked most about the program:

  • It was a simple format for use, and easy enough for her to start on her own.
  • Once she mastered a concept, she didn’t need to keep practicing it (although it was full of printable and such for review and retention later).
  • The visuals were cute, simple, and colorful.
  • She could print out a certificate at the end with her daily math score.

My favorite features were these:

  • It was simple enough for her to do on her own, but she could pause if she needed help.
  • Aids and resources were available if she needed further practice—these were available online so I could print them out for her to use if she needed additional practice. In essence, the online part was the lesson and quiz, and the worksheet provided steps to mastery.
  • Support and encouragement was available from A+ Interactive Math; I was contacted a number of times by e-mail to find out if I was enjoying the program.


My best endorsement is that I have now bought the fifth-grade program for my eldest daughter. She doesn’t enjoy math, so finding something for her to use was especially challenging. I took full advantage of the one month online free trial, and let her go. She LOVED the shorter lessons, of course, and again we can make use of the worksheets, exams, and reference-sheet printables within the lessons!


This was definitely a great program to review, and I would recommend considering it if you’re in the market for a new math curriculum. Be sure to check out their new family specials starting up in February! Here’s what you can expect from that:

  • Family packages that begin with options for one student, and go up from there;
  • A special “one-time” introductory offer of up to 80% off for four weeks starting February 17, 2014;
  • Prices as low as $2.08 per student, per month, or $25 for a full year;
  • A program that teaches, grades, reviews and tracks progress; and
  • The ability to change grade levels, which provides students the flexibility they need to master content and move on at their own pace.


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Can’t beat that!

Jennifer Covington is a wife to a wonderful man, a mom to four blessings, and a homeschooler for 10 years. She loves serving the Lord in all aspects of her life! Jennifer is HEAV’s social-media manager.