YWAM: Hero Biographies Review

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Years ago, I started a formal curriculum with my oldest. A good friend had wisely advised us to simply enjoy learning in the early years, but by this time, we were ready start something with a little more structure. The curriculum that we chose incorporated a number of the YWAM: Youth With a Mission Hero Biographies. You can check out their full listing here.

I wasn’t sure how non-fiction–especially biographies–would go over with my then-10-year-old boy. However, I was thrilled to discover that they caught and kept the attention of both of us. We enjoyed sitting together while I read aloud, and he has since chosen them as his reading curriculum on his own. The stories are captivating, exciting, and well written.

The first one we read was Cameron Townsend: Good News in Every Language, the story of a young missionary during WWII. He served in South America, and later went on to found Wycliff Bible Translators. We were so struck by his story that we decided to research Bible translations and then contacted Wycliff Bible Translators, discovering video of Cameron Townsend discussing the Bible translation to the people he originally served in Guatemala! It was an incredible experience for both of us, and my heart thrilled at seeing my young son take to and admire such a great Christian hero.

We have since gone on to read the life stories of Nate Saint, Amy Carmichael, Brother Andrew, David Livingstone, George Mueller, Gladys Aylward, and Christopher Columbus (which we found in their Heroes of History section)–and discovered similar inspiration in each of them. YWAM is the publisher of this series, as well as an International Adventure Series, supplements, homeschooling resources, audio books, and much more–including fiction). They are an exhibitor again at the convention June 6-8, and have provided the stories for the wonderful “Heroes of the Faith” Children’s Program. Be sure to stop by their booth and check out these incredible resources for yourself!

by Jennifer Covington

Jennifer is a wife to a wonderful man, a mom to four blessings, and a homeschooler for 10 years. She loves serving the Lord in all aspects of her life! Jennifer is HEAV’s social-media manager.

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