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Not sure which workshops to choose first?

Walking into the convention for the first time can be overwhelming–the choices are vast! Be sure to look for these interest tracks noted on the Schedule-at-a-Glance (This is just a sampling of what’s available.)


Raising Boys

Raising sons presents its own special challenges–and blessings! Keep your sons out of the video-game-and-head-phones army, and raise them to be true warriors of faith. No need to go it alone! Here are just a few of the workshops in store:

Session 1: Courting, Dating, Waiting, and Parenting ~ Knight’s Book Knook

Session 2: Deadly Weaknesses in the Strong Man ~ Dennis Gundersen

Session 3: Boys Will Be Men ~ Rick Boyer

Session 4: Raising G-Rated Sons in an R-Rated World ~ Joe Tyler

Session 4: Let’s Talk About Courtship and Dating ~ Dr. Michael Farris, Kathie Morrissey, Dennis Gundersen, Israel Wayne

Session 5: Cultivating Kids: Raising Children to Live Fruitful Lives ~ Jeff Myer’s Keynote

Session 6: The Homeschooling Father ~ Michael Farris

Session 7: You Want to What? Confessions of a Homeschool Dad ~ Joe Tyler



Providing for your family is one of your greatest concerns–and can be a great source of worry. From practical tips on frugality to a plan for financial independence, you’ll find solid, biblical principles to put your family on the track to where you want to be.

Session 1: How to Start a Family Farm for Under $5000 ~ Avery Farms

Session 2: When is Enough…Enough: Finding Contention by Living Like a King ~ Steve & Annette Economides

Session 3: Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Business ~ Israel Wayne

Session 4: Raising Real Kids for the Real World ~ Steve & Annette Economides

Session 5: Four Keys to Family’s Financial Success ~ Steve & Annette Economides

Session 6: College Knowledge and Finances ~ Steve & Annette Economides

Session 7: Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half ~ Steve & Annette Economides


Special Needs

Got a wiggly worm who can’t sit still? A teenager or can talk a mile a minute, but can’t put pen to paper? Or maybe you’d just like to be a better teacher. Check out these workshops brimming with  tips for teaching your learner  who just doesn’t fit the mold.

Session 1: Nerf Guns and Shaving Cream: Teaching Reading and Spelling to Kids Who Can’t Sit Still ~ Denise Eide

Session 2: Help! A Q&A for Struggling Learners ~ Panel Discussion

Session 3: Dysgraphia: When a Child or Teenage Won’t Write – Dianne Craft

Session 4: Motivating Reluctant Learners ~ Joyce Herzog

Session 4: When Arithmetic Doesn’t Come Easily ~ Kathy Kuhl

Session 5: Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler ~ Israel Wayne

Session 6: Identifying Your Child’s Processing Problems ~ Dianne Craft

Session 7: Kids and Teens with Focus/ Attention Disorders ~ Dianne Craft



Our relationships and families present us with our greatest joys and challenges, whether we’re dealing with sibling rivalry or a busy spouse, traumatic changes or tranquil waters.

Here are just a few of the “heart issues” workshops the convention has to offer:

Session 1: A Legacy of Greatness

Session 2: The Family that Stays Together Stays Together ~ Steve Demme

Session 3: Laughter is the Best Medicine ~ Zan Tyler

Session 4: Let’s Talk About Courtship and Dating ~ A Panel Discussion

Session 5: Living in the Fiery Furnace ~ Zan Tyler

Session 6: Fruit of the Harvest ~ A Panel Discussion

Session 7 The Busy Mom’s Guide to Romance ~ Heidi St. John




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