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Posted on Feb 6 2013 in Convention by admin

Valentine’s Day Special

Win a copy of Love & Respect

By Emerson Eggerichs
Reviewed by Anne Miller

1004_love-and-respect1Since, apparently, wives are the ones who purchase the marriage-help books, I’m addressing my review to my sisters in the Lord.

Almost every teaching I’ve ever heard says husbands are to unconditionally love their wives as Jesus loves his Church. No problem there. (Do I hear cheering?) However, I don’t recall ever hearing a sermon or a teaching (except from my parents) that says wives are to unconditionally respect their husbands. Why is that? Mostly, I believe, because we’ve been brought up to believe that respect must be earned…but guess what, that’s not what the Bible says! Emerson Eggerichs not only puts Ephesians 5:33 in a new light, he gives the nuts and bolts of what unconditional respect (and love) look like.

Wives, if you’re wondering if you need this book, try this experiment: Make a list — mentally or on paper — of five things you respect about your husband — not what you love, what you respect. Then, share your list with your husband, and judge the response for yourself.

Your marriage doesn’t need to be rocky to benefit from this book. If you are struggling, Dr. Eggerichs’ message could turn your marriage and your life around. Ever wonder how a believing wife could win her husband to the Lord without a word? (1 Peter 3:1) Check out this book!

[This is also an exceptional book for husbands...and once they experience the newly-found expressions of respect, they may even want to read it! Judging from my own experience and from the evaluations of husbands who heard Dr. Eggerichs at the convention in June -- husbands LOVE this message]


If you’d like to win a copy of Love & Respect, just comment on this post to get your name in the “hat.” Comments for the giveaway will be open Monday, February 11 through Wednesday, February 13, at 10 p.m.. The winner–the 30th from the last post– will be announced Thursday, February 14.

Comment on the post now for a chance to win!

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