Q: How long are you required to keep your child’s schoolwork?

A: The Virginia homeschool law does NOT require you to keep your child’s school work. Neither does the statute require parents to show grades to the superintendent. Only the results of a standardized achievement test or an evaluation are required to show academic achievement. Some parents may keep work samples if they plan to use a portfolio method of evaluation.


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  1. Bruce E. Swartz says:

    As a licensed teacher in Virginia with a Masters degree in Education, and registered to homeschool under the certified tutor option, am I required to submit standardized achievement test results to the school district superintendent?

  2. Yvonne Bunn says:

    As a Virginia certified teacher you have two options: 1) comply with the certified tutor statute, §22.1-254(A), or, 2) comply with the second option of the homeschool statute, §22.1-254.1.

    If you have complied with the certified tutor statute, §22.1-254(A), by writing a letter to the division superintendent and including a copy of your teaching license, you are NOT required to submit evidence of academic achievement. However, if you have complied with the homeschool statute, §22.1-254.1, by checking the second option on a Notice of Intent form, the homeschool law requires you to send test results by August 1 each year.

    You can find more details about the certified tutor option here:

    HEAV Director of Homeschool Support