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Posted on Feb 2 2012 in Convention by admin

Revealing Arithmetic: Math Concepts from a Biblical Worldview Do you want to present math from a biblical perspective, but need ideas and a framework from which to start? Are you looking for fresh inspiration for your math class? In Revealing Arithmetic, you’ll get ideas and inspiration to help you

  • Reinforce a biblical worldview and worship the Lord in math.
  • Teach your children to really understand concepts and think mathematically as opposed to merely memorizing mechanics.
  • Transform everyday activities and objects into math lessons, teaching your child to use math as a real-life tool.
  • Make and use an abacus in your teaching, as well as explore other historical methods and symbols that help children really view math as a tool and better understand our modern method.

“This in depth book shows us how to teach math biblically from the tot learning to count through exponents and roots. It challenges us (and teaches us) to move from biblical thinking to practical use of math, rather than completing a number of pages and memorizing formulae. There are a few worksheets and extensive appendices giving history and understanding of various math methods, how to make and use various styles of abacuses and more. For Christians, I believe this book is a ‘must read’ to complement any math curriculum.” – Joyce Herzog, Choosing & Using Curriculum.

Leave your comment below for a chance to win Christian Perspective’s Giveaway‘s giveaway: One FREE copy of Revealing Arithmetic: Math Concepts from a Biblical Worldview.

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