Note: This Q&A is a follow-on post to the “Religious Exemption and Driver’s License” Q&A published last week.

Q. I’m a little confused and think some details may be missing from last week’s question about religious exemption and driver’s education. If we use a private company to teach driver’s education or the in-car portion, then I don’t see where proof is required.

A. You are absolutely correct! If a parent wants to get approval from DMV to provide driver instruction, they must show proof of a homeschool education or a religious exemption, but proof is not required if they use other methods of driver instruction.

I contacted Vanessa C. Wigand, principal specialist for health education, physical education, driver education, and athletics with the Virginia Department of Education. She confirmed that proof of compliance with the homeschool laws from a superintendent or a religious exemption acknowledgment letter from a school board are necessary only for a parent who plans to teach his or her own teen classroom and behind-the-wheel driver education.

However, a parent who elects to enroll his homeschool student in a private driver education company–either a parent who has complied with the homeschool law or a parent who is religiously exempt–is not required to complete the same forms for the DMV. A religiously exempt homeschooler is not required to show the private driver education company a letter from the school board acknowledging his religious exemption.

Thank you for bringing this information to my attention. I apologize for the confusion.  I hope this clarifies driver education opportunities for parents who are homeschooling under religious exemption.