On January 18, 2011, homeschooled students explored the power of the sea at Nauticus’ Homeschool Day. Nauticus offered a variety of special programs, from taking guided tours of the battleship Wisconsin’s main deck to learning cool facts about sharks while observing their behaviors.

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  • Students admired and touched sea creatures, including sea stars, hermit crabs, and horseshoe crabs.
  • Under the direction of Nauticus scientists, students participated in amazing liquid nitrogen experiments, as well as discovered the science of temperature and states of matter.
  • Students joined in a “Battle Blast” education program and investigated the science of energy, force, pressure, and combustion to help them understand the power of the guns on the USS Wisconsin.
  • The Aegis Interactive Theater provided a hands-on battle simulation with students in command of launching the ship’s modern defense systems—quite a hair-raising experience!

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