This post is part of a series titled, “Homeschool Q&A.” The series features questions we’ve received from parents on a variety of topicsand the answers!

Q. Am I required to complete the homeschool survey I received from my district?

A. No, the homeschool statute does not require you to complete this or any other homeschool survey. Prince George County’s “Winter 2011 Home School Survey” asks for information that goes beyond the requirements of the home instruction statute. The survey asks for information and opinions that are personal and includes some questions that do not relate to home education. The Prince George County cover letter accurately states that completion is “optional.”

Responding to a survey that requests private information could set a precedent for additional surveys with even more intrusive questions. Know your rights as a homeschool parent so you are not intimidated. Your right to homeschool is not based on your response to a survey.


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