HEAV Legislative Update **Sports Access Bill to Wait Another Year – Plus Other Bills HEAV Is Tracking

January 25, 2011


This year’s short session creates a brisk pace as thousands of bills move through sub-committees, full committees, and on to the Virginia House or Senate for a vote. At the capital–sometimes for early-morning meetings–HEAV’s lobbyist Bob Shanks talks with legislators behind the scenes and attends hearings for bills that could potentially affect homeschoolers.

This week began with a flurry of activity that included a second committee discussion of homeschool sports access. Because of the House Education Committee action today, a decision about sports access will be put on hold for another year.

Below is our lobbyist’s first-hand report on what took place yesterday on sports access for homeschoolers. You will also find a list of some of the other bills we are carefully tracking.

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