Virginia Homeschoolers Did It! – Congratulations to All!

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Congratulations to the “Bionics,” Who Placed First in the Virginia-DC LEGO LEAGUE Regionals!

The “Bionics” are a team of nine homeschooled students, started this past fall by Dustyn Crocco and coached by Heather Kemmerly. Members of the Bionics team are Grant Showalter, age 13; Noah Butterfield, age 13; Anthony Wolf, age 12; Noah Crocco, age 11; Julian Mena, age 10; Jacob Crocco, age 9; Beckett Behel, age 9; Calvin Utne, age 9; and Garrett Kemmerly, age 9. (The team spans the entire age-range of their division.)


The Bionics competed in the Virginia-DC Southeast Regional Tournament of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) in November, along with nine other teams. As the winners, the Bionics moved to December’s State Tournament, where they competed against about 50 other teams from around the state. The 2010 FLL challenge of “Body Forward: Engineering Meets Medicine” presented the Bionics the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge field of biomedical engineering. The Bionics did well at the highly competitive state level, ranking in the middle of the pack.


The Bionics plan to continue as a team, maintaining their friendships and building their teamwork skills, as well as learning more about building and programming Lego Mindstorm robots.

The team is sponsored by the NASA Knights and New Horizons Regional Education Center, and is supported by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American Welding Society.

Learn more about the Virginia/DC FIRST LEGO League.
Read an additional article on the Bionics in the Langley Researcher.

eagle-scoutCongratulations to a Homeschooled Eagle Scout!

Ian Hill, homeschooled for seven years, achieved his Eagle Scout rank and was honored at a Court of Honor on November 21, 2010. He began as a Cub Scout in King George, Virginia, and continued into Boy Scouts, holding positions as junior assistant scout master, assistant senior patrol leader, librarian, and patrol leader. He has also earned the Order of the Arrow, the Firem’n Chit, and the Totin’ Chip. Since he will not be 18 until April 2011, Ian was able to attain a Palm award by completing five additional merit badges and demonstrating leadership abilities. Ian remains active as the junior assistant scout master.

essay-writerAnd Congratulations to a Homeschooled Essay Writer!

Emma Shepard won first place out of more than 1,000 entries in an essay contest sponsored by Landry Academy (a homeschool organization) on the theme “How does human anatomy and physiology show evidence of God’s creation?” She won a Dell laptop with her essay titled, “The Blood Brain Barrier.”

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