Homeschool Day at the State Fair – Feedback Needed

Posted on Oct 13 2010 in Events by

state-fairIf you attended the HEAV-sponsored Homeschool Day at the State Fair, please let us know what you thought by commenting below or by e-mailing We use feedback to help us decide which events to offer again and to make any other needed adjustments. Your input is GREATLY appreciated!

We were surprised that it wasn’t as wet as we had thought it would be, and we were able to enjoy everything without too many crowds getting in the way. Let it be added that we are English, and are therefore used to bad weather…and making the most of things no matter what is falling from the sky. The children are already looking forward to next year. We braved the weather on Monday and had a wonderful day! Thanks to HEAV for offering homeschoolers the chance to go to events for less money.
- Lynne Harris

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