state-fairIf you attended the HEAV-sponsored Homeschool Day at the State Fair, please let us know what you thought by commenting below or by e-mailing We use feedback to help us decide which events to offer again and to make any other needed adjustments. Your input is GREATLY appreciated!

We were surprised that it wasn’t as wet as we had thought it would be, and we were able to enjoy everything without too many crowds getting in the way. Let it be added that we are English, and are therefore used to bad weather…and making the most of things no matter what is falling from the sky. The children are already looking forward to next year. We braved the weather on Monday and had a wonderful day! Thanks to HEAV for offering homeschoolers the chance to go to events for less money.
– Lynne Harris


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  1. kristen beale says:

    We really enjoyed the fair, despite the drizzle, granted it would have been even more fun with sun, but we still had a great time. Thanks so much for offering discounted tickets to great educational “field trip” locations!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Our family always looks forward to Fair Day. This year, while it did rain, was one we all enjoyed most! We got to do so much hands on and really got a chance to talk with everyone. I really hope you continue offering this one. Thanks so much for making it possible for us to make some great memories.

  3. Jeanette Clark says:

    The rain didn’t stop us from having a great day of education and seeing the beautiful new home for the VA State Fair. We never did find the HEAV table and were so looking forward to any information there. We will be planning for another trip next year, on Homeschool day.

  4. Pam Proffitt says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed the fair. We have not been since 1991 – so the kids have never been. It was very enjoyable. We did not mind the rain. We already have plans to return next year.
    We were impressed with how clean everything was and how festively decoreated it was. It was not the same fair that we went to 20 years ago. Thank you for organizing it and making it available to us.

  5. Rachel says:

    We were not able to go to the Fair this year, but we wanted to! I hope HEAV will offer this again next year.

  6. Jones Family says:

    What a wonderful experience. My youngest said she wanted to see pigs. We saw a litter of tiny babies. We saw a sow with the piglets that all looked like Wilber. We saw a tiny baby in an incubator and we saw pig races. The kids were even able to get on “pigs” and race themselves. On top of that the aquariums with all the sea animals were a treat and the Marine Police were helpful and informative. My son saw a printout of a storm with his name at the weather area and we got many many things to keep working on at home.
    This is just the parts that impressed me. When we got home they each made a my trip to the fair report over the next week and it was really fun to see what was important to each of them.
    It you didn’t do this, I highly reccomend it!!
    Thank you HEAV we also look forward to this each year.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. The Plaughers says:

    We had a great time at the fair, and I think the grey day helped keep the crowds down. I was a little disappointed that the rain-date offer didn’t come out until the day after that Monday. It would have been nice to have the option rather than feeling pressed to use the tickets on a bad weather day.

  8. Maureen says:

    We enjoyed the day and appreciated the very discounted tickets. A few concerns though:
    1-we never found a HEAV table
    2-the rain date offer came too late to take advantage of….although I think the weather monday was better than Wednesday anyway 🙂
    3-I was really disappointed there wasn’t a single species represented in the ag area (only the Old MacDonald area). The dairy & sheep left the day before and beef animals and hogs, goats would be coming later. Is there anyway we can coordinate so that we can go on a day other than animal change out day? I grew up on a farm and this is far and away what I enjoy most about attending the fair. Thanks!

  9. Jane Elder says:

    We had a great day at the fair on Monday despite the rain. We hope you will offer this again.

  10. The LeFevres says:

    We are relatively new to VA and were happy to see that HEAV had a Home School Day at the State Fair. Although it was overcast and wet, a great time was had by the whole family. We are already looking forward to doing it again next year. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

  11. Susan says:

    We went on Monday, prepared with rain ponchos, and stuck it out. We stayed indoors most of the morning (other than the pig races), then were able to enjoy the rides and outdoor activities in the afternoon. My younger son and I who had ride bands loved that we never had to wait long to get on a ride. We always enjoy the fair and this year it felt like we had it all to ourselves since so many didn’t show up.

  12. Hayes Family says:

    We had a blast! We had rain gear and stuck it out all day (didnt leave till after 6 PM)
    Kendall and the Kids rode a bunch of rides and longest wait was maybe 3 min. I think between the 4 of them they rode a combined 50 times…. What a deal to have the wrist bands! We took a break to eat and then look at the livestock and the vendors selling things. Thanks for getting us the great deal HEAV!
    Larry, Kendall, Trevor, McKinley and Sheridan

  13. Jeni says:

    I wish “homeschool day” could be on another day of the fair. A Thursday or Friday, for instance, would have the animal barns (goats/sheep/cows/hogs) full, not empty, as the first group (goats and dairy cows) arrives the first day of the fair and goes home on the first Sunday eve, the barns are cleaned, then the next group, (sheep, beef cattle, and hogs) arrives the following Thursday and stays through the end of the fair that second Sunday. Many of these animal exhibitors are homeschoolers who would love to share their animals and knowledge with other homeschoolers! That Monday is probably the day of lowest attendance, which is nice for the fairgoer, however, I feel they miss one of the best parts of the fair – the farm animals! At least there are always some animal exhibits at the Young MacDonald’s Barn. The whole experience can be so educational, as well as fun!