Homeschooling – Full of Pleasant Surprises!

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Below is a letter a homeschool mom in Virginia sent us sharing about a pleasant — and quite unexpected — surprise!

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Dear HEAV,

This is one I had to share: Last month we finished studying the postal system and began studying the fire department. We began with how the Pilgrims used the bucket brigade to extinguish fires and so on. My children had questions I could not answer, such as, “How long are the hoses on the trucks? How many forest fires have there been in Virginia this year?” and others.

Instead of looking up the answers for them, I asked them to write a letter to the fire department and see if their questions would be answered. I thought it would be good practice after learning about the postal system. Three weeks passed….

Fire Truck in Front of a Homeschool Family's HouseTuesday afternoon the doorbell rang. I thought something terrible had happened, but instead I was pleasantly surprised. The fire department had come to our front door for an “in-person,” 30-minute, hands-on class (fire truck, ambulance, and four wonderful people). We were so shocked and overwhelmed! They said they would’ve called, but we didn’t include our phone number in the letter. WOW!

We’re working on a HUGE thank-you letter for all four fire fighters.

Note to self: Homeschooling can be full of pleasant surprises, and be careful what you ask your children to do!  8-) Amy Pickett

Homeschooler in Fire TruckHomeschooler in Fire Truck

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