Keeping Focused on the Mission (Part 2)

Posted on Jan 13 2010 in General by

[This is a sequel to “A New Year’s  Thought – Keeping Focused on the Mission.“]

Last week, I wrote about keeping intent on the mission God has given to us as Christians. All week long, I’ve been trying to write the sequel. And all week long, I’ve had the hardest time keeping focused on the mission myself!

One night I felt particularly frustrated. I’d worked hard all day, but it seemed I had gotten nothing done at all. Here I was, starting to paint the office at 7 p.m. when I was supposed to have begun right after lunch. In the back of my mind, I also knew a seemingly never-ending pile of work still needed done.

I plugged in a sermon and began painting. As I listened, I grew more and more convicted. My problem became clear: my eyes were on me. My failure to keep focused on the Lord and His mission had expressed itself in my being short with my mom, brother, and several other dear people, not to mention feeling like giving up and hiding my head in a hole like an ostrich.

Lesson for the week: Part of keeping focused on the mission has to do with continually surrendering our own plans and desires and remembering we’re not here for us!

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