A New Year’s Thought – Keeping Focused on the Mission

Posted on Jan 6 2010 in General by

This past weekend, our family headed off on a “fieldtrip” to the pentagon. As we wandered through the hallways, I was struck by the care each branch of the military had taken to convey its history and mission through various displays. One Army display particularly grabbed my attention: I will always place the mission first.

Always place the mission first. A good soldier lives — and dies — for his mission. He doesn’t let hunger, fatigue, fear, personal agendas, or anything else distract him from the mission.

The thought of placing the mission first struck a chord because our family had been examining and discussing missions and goals for the New Year. We’d also recently heard a sermon that pointed out that God has given all of us mission statements in His Word. He’s told us to trust, love, and rest in Him. To rejoice always. To serve one another in love.

Now here was the mission theme once again, this time with a soldier analogy. I walked away from the display with a thousand thoughts whirling through my head. God calls us soldiers too. What mission were we to place first? What mission has He called us to as Christians? Could other missions — even good missions — be keeping us from that? How do we keep focused on His mission? How do we live trusting, loving, and resting in Him? What would it look like if we did?

More to come next week!

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