Earn Extra Money for Christmas, Extracurriculars, Your Support Group or Team — and Support HEAV at the Same Time!

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Needing extra cash for the Christmas season…or maybe for extracurricular activities, a sports program, mission trip, band program, or curriculum? Could your support group use a financial boost? Have an entrepreneurial child?

Selling Peel-A-Way cards is a simple and do-able way to raise funds either as an individual or as a group. People love the cards AND you’ll be supporting HEAV at the same time!

How Does It Work?
There are NO up-front costs, risks, storage, or spoilage. You or your group sell Peel-A-Way cards — a credit-card-size coupon card with 32 mini peel-off “Buy-One-Get-One FREE” offers from local merchants. Each card sells for only $12, has a value of over $150, and is good for 12 months or longer. The purchaser saves the cost of the card on the first or second use!

For every Peel-A-Way card you sell, you or your group will make $4, and HEAV will make $2.

Everyone Wins!

  • YOU OR YOUR GROUP WILL WIN because this fundraiser, unlike many others, is low-maintenance and highly profitable.
  • HOMESCHOOLING WINS because $2 of every sale will go towards helping HEAV continue to support and equip homeschoolers across Virginia.
  • THE MERCHANTS WIN because their business increases and the revenue remains in the local community.
  • THE CUSTOMER WINS by purchasing a card that recoups its purchase price after only one or two uses.
  • They also make nice, affordable stocking stuffers for Christmas or birthday and Christmas cards.

Ready to Get Started?
Ten families selling ten cards per family can make $400 for your group! The coupons are good at locations across the state. Just give us a call at 804-278-9200 to request the number of cards you want. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get started raising the extra money you need!

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