Phone Scam Aimed at Homeschoolers

Posted on May 20 2009 in General by

The Home School Foundation/Home School Legal Defense Association confirms that homeschoolers have reported getting suspicious calls from someone falsely claiming to be a homeschooling mother gathering information for research on behalf of the HSF/HSLDA. It may even be a man masquerading as a woman. The caller gave the name of a person who does not exist on staff at HSF/HSLDA. “She” usually says the family or homeschool group has been nominated to receive a monetary grant. To qualify for the grant, the caller says she needs to ask some questions that start with out with general queries about homeschooling and quickly lead to questions concerning the family’s disciplinary techniques.

While the Home School Foundation does offer compassion grants to homeschooling families in need, neither HSLDA nor the Home School Foundation would ever call their members and question them on discipline. Also, if you have caller ID, all calls from HSLDA read “540-338-5600,” and all HSF calls read “540-338-8688.” This caller showed up as a restricted or blocked number. HSLDA does not block their number from your phone.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from HSLDA or HSF and the caller’s number is either blocked or doesn’t match either of the numbers above, please gather as much information as possible and let HSLDA know.

Please contact if you have any further questions or need to report a suspicious call.

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