The Florida Gators, led by former homeschooler Tim Tebow, won the BCS championship NCAA game January 8! The Florida Gators beat the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14.

The commentators loved Tim Tebow! They gave his Christian testimony for him throughout the game! They talked about his strong faith, his good character, his leadership skills as quarterback of the Florida Gators, and the respect everyone who knows him has for him. During the game, they discussed his family’s missionary background, including where he had been on the mission field and how he had served the needy by feeding children in third world countries and living in a leper colony.

The commentators mentioned his homeschool experience several times. They even talked about Florida’s homeschool laws that allowed him to play on a public school sports team, leading to his outstanding college career and winning the Heisman Trophy last year–the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman.

John 3:16 was painted on his face for the world to see. Then at the end during the award presentations, he thanked Jesus Christ for the victory! What a great witness for the Lord!

Homeschoolers are shining! Like the national spelling bees and geography bees, sports are a showcase for the success of homeschooling!

Yvonne Bunn

P.S. Mom’s may wish to read “Mothering Tebow: Scripture & Faith Are Her ‘Secrets’ to Parenting Tim Tebow, Mom Says” for a glimpse at the training Tebow received at home.