Each Child Is Unique

Posted on Dec 17 2008 in General by

Here’s a note a homeschool mom in Virginia (who requested to remain anonymous) wrote recently to a mom homeschooling a dyslexic child. Whether your child struggles with dyslexia or something completely different, we hope you’ll be encouraged that every child is unique–and that’s okay!

We saw our very strongest “natural” speller/reader do letter reversals; I think the Lord was trying to tell me right off the bat not to panic. Family history on one side includes a strong history of dyslexia. One of our relatives found ways around it in business (and became a multi-millionaire), but no one ever remembers seeing him read as an adult. Others read for him! He still managed to read enough (took h-o-u-r-s of agonizing work, but he did it) to complete a solid high school course in the 1920s.

Anyhow, all of our children, including some special-needs learners, wound up being able to manage through a variety of ways we found to help them, [including] answers to prayer, special helps of all sorts, etc. One was finally motivated to read as a teen by serious Bible study, hunting, and history interests! How’s that for a combo?

All of our kids learned almost completely differently. It has been like watching a giant puzzle (one of those 5,000 piece ones) getting put together on the dining-room table over the holidays–except we are watching the Lord build lives over our whole lifetime watching them grow and learn. You are doing the right thing asking for help. It can be overwhelming, I know. Trust God, be patient, work as a team with family, and keep adding puzzle pieces one day at a time. Some days lots of pieces fall into place, other days, not so many!

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