We will continue to share information and opinion on the California ruling.

From Karen Taylor, vice president of CHN (California Homeschool Network):
The following message was written by Debbie Schwarzer of HSC. She
and I have been in daily contact this week as we discussed legal
options, and we both agree that this is an important time for all
groups, and especially California’s two inclusive groups, to work
together. There will be no wasted energy spent, because we’re in
agreement that we’re stronger if we work together. Debbie couldn’t
have illustrated this cooperation any better when two firms contacted
her. At one point, we were considering being co-clients, but when a
second excellent firm stepped forward, it was Debbie’s suggestion
that one represent HSC and one represent CHN, and that we all remain
in communication so that the absolute strongest defense could be
mounted. This decision would be unheard of just about anywhere, but
we’re firmly fixed on winning this for homeschoolers. I met with
Jerry Salcido and Debbie by phone yesterday. In addition to being an
attorney, Jerry is a homeschooling dad with young children, so you
can bet his heart is in this case!

For those of you who are members of HSLDA, FPM, or CHEA, you’ll be
pleased to know that HSC and CHN are remaining in contact with these
organizations as well, and they are in agreement that having several
law firms representing the various groups will strengthen the fight,
so everyone remains willing to work together for the good of all. I
can’t tell you how pleased I am. This case is too big to be won by
any one group, and the cooperation is what homeschoolers
want. Naturally, each group is looking out for the interests of
their members, but it’s possible to do that and also work in
conjunction with others, and that’s what we’re doing

Karen Taylor
California Homeschool Network Legal Team
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From Debbie Schwarzer, co-chair HSC legal team to HSC (HomeSchool Association of California):
I am thrilled to announce that we have been offered help by two of
the best law firms in the state (and country). The firms will be
helping us on a pro bono basis. That means they will donate (very
expensive) attorney time to help us figure out the best strategies
for dealing with the court issues, and they will help us prepare and
file the letters and briefs that we need.

Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, which is headquartered in Palo
Alto, will be representing HSC. They had helped HSC back in some of
the dark days of Delaine Eastin’s time, and their thorough research
helped us feel more comfortable that the advice we were giving the
world about private homeschooling was correct. In the spirit of full
disclosure, you should know that I worked there for many years, but
they made the decision to go forward because they think the case
presents interesting legal issues and they’d like to be on our side.

They will be working very closely with another firm, Baker &
McKenzie, which has 150 offices around the world and, conveniently,
one across the street from WSGR in Palo Alto. Jerry Salcido, who has
been a member of the HSC legal team for several years, is an attorney
at that office, and his firm has graciously agreed to donate their
services as well. Because we couldn’t have two firms working for
HSC, Baker and CHN have agreed that CHN will be their named client.

We believe that HSC and CHN’s interests in this case are very
similar. We have similar membership profiles, we want the same
results, we both think that help from professionals in dealing with
the Supreme Court will be invaluable. The firms will consult with
each other to make sure they are not duplicating efforts, but that
they also aren’t leaving any important arguments out. They will also
try to coordinate their efforts with the other groups with which HSC
and CHN have been working, HSLDA, CHEA, and Family Protection Ministries.

I am very excited by this development. I know we’re all a smart
bunch of people, and maybe we could put these papers together
ourselves, but experience here can make the difference. These firms
have the experience. I hope you’ll continue to support what we are doing.

Debbie Schwarzer
Co-chair HSC legal team