HB 1183 – Homeschool Testing Options
As noted in HEAV’s email announcement this morning, HB1183 (Lingamfelter-R) is scheduled to be heard in tomorrow’s 8:30 a.m. Senate Education Committee. The vote for this bill is expected to be close and hinges on whether or not key Senate Democrats will approve this bill.

This afternoon, I visited the offices of both Senator Houck (D), the committee chair, and Senator J. Miller (D) to clarify the importance of HB 1183 and answer any questions they had. Both Senators’ legislative assistants were open to HEAV’s comments.

Andrew Wright, legislative assistant to Sen. Houck, said his office had been flooded with calls from concerned constituents. “I think every homeschooler and his mom in our district has called our office today.”

Peter Faucher, legislative assistant to Senator J.C. Miller, had also heard from homeschoolers before my visit with him this afternoon. Peter was still unsure, however, why HB 1183 was necessary. To answer his question, I explained the two situations in Virginia Beach and Alexandria where superintendents did not accept qualified evaluations. I explained that most of these methods of evaluation were already used by superintendents throughout the state. The bill simply clarifies the types of evaluations that can be used. I noted that this important additional language helps to define the evaluation criteria for homeschoolers and superintendents so future confusion of this kind does not occur.

Thank you for all of your calls. They are having a powerful impact on our elected representatives.