Here’s this morning’s update:

HB420 (Marshall) was heard this morning in the House Finance Subcommittee at 8:05 a.m.

Members of the committee: Cline (Chairman), Orrock, R.L. Ware, Johnson, and Purkey.

Several people spoke in support of the bill.
– Jeff Caruso from Virginia Catholic Conference spoke for the bill and said it would “further the goal of making educational choices available.”
– A Representative of the Family Foundation (Chris Freund) briefly spoke in support of the bill.

No one spoke against the bill.

Del. Cline (Chairman) said there was support for the general concept of providing such funds. He then added that the subcommittee has been inclined in the past to doing something more along the lines of what Del. Saxman’s bill (HB1164) introduces.

Del. Ware said he has spoken in support of bills like this before. He argued that homeschool and private school students offset expenses that would be incurred in the public schools. However, because of the financial state of our economic position, Del. Ware asked to lay the bill on the table.

Del. Cline said he also supported the bill, but because of the impact on our revenues and because he wants to hear from the governor about a stimulus package before he encourages such legislation, he said he would also like to lay the bill on the table due to economic uncertainties.

Del. Marshall argued the committee may be ignoring the financial offset that occurs to the public schools when homeschool and private school students do not attend public schools.

Bill was laid on the table: 5-Y, 0-N

HB1164 (Saxman):

Del. Cline said that education was a top goal. Del. Ware said he like the targeted aspect of the bills and the limitations placed on it and he proposed a motion to put the bill forward.

– Jeff Caruso from Virginia Catholic Conference spoke in support of the bill.
– Chris Freund of the Family Foundation spoke in support of the bill.

No one spoke against it. Del. Ware moved to report the bill. Del. Cline seconded it. The motion failed because of a 2 to 2 split. Del. Orrock said there was such an uncertainty over revenues he suggested the bill be laid on the table. The motion to lay the bill on the table was not seconded. It was decided that the bill will be carried over until the next subcommittee meeting (next Friday morning).

…10 minutes later (after a couple additional bills were discussed) Orrock moved to report HB1164 to the full committee. All of the members voted to do so.

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  1. Pam Holloway says:


    Is there anything that we can do to assist in supporting HB1164? Do we need to make phone calls before this Friday morning (FEB 1)? There are many homeschoolers in TOOL that would benefit greatly from this bill. Please let me know how we can support and who we can call and we can put the word out across our homeschool loop to lend support via email and phone calls. Thank-you!

  2. Ben says:


    HB 1164 passed the Finance Committee and went before the House. The House decided to send it to the Committee on Appropriations. We’re not sure if it will go to a sub-committee or when it will be heard in Appropriations. Right now, we’re watching to see where it will be assigned before we make calls or send e-mails. We’ll let you know as soon as possible.