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  1. Linda Reed says:

    It was great to see that a home school student sent in a letter of gratitude to his community for the support the businesses have provided. I have been thinking about the importance of doing the same after attending an event. Your newsletters are so invaluable in keeping us informed about events and services offered in the community. Is there any way to also provide the name of the person/office at the business/event that we could send a letter of thanks to? Some events may be self explanatory. But others may be harder to determine. For example, who was responsible for setting up the homeschool week in Colonial Williamsburg? Gratitude is in short supply these days. Let’s continue to go “against the tide” and bless the businesses that bless us.

  2. Thank you for posting this comment. You’re right–it is very nice when people take the time to say “thank you.” You might try sending a letter to the education department after a homeschool event–they’re usually the ones who organize homeschool days/weeks. My guess is that the educational department handled the homeschool week at Colonial Williamsburg, but I would just give them a call and ask where to send your thanks. It’s not always obvious to us either, but we will keep your idea to try to list the person to thank in mind.

    Again, thank you for sharing!