I thought I’d write a follow-up to my previous post on socialization. I’ve noticed the problem today doesn’t seem to be that there aren’t enough activities for homeschoolers, but rather that it’s easy to get involved in too many. It’s amazing how quickly calendars can fill up, isn’t it? There are simply so many activities available. Soccer, ballet, co-ops, art lessons, horseback riding, and speech—the list goes on and on.

Just sorting out the myriad activities and deciding which ones to participate in can be overwhelming.  It is so easy to just do something because everyone else is doing it, or because it blessed you and your family last year.  I’d encourage you, however, to take each activity before the Lord and seek His thought and plans for you today.

Not only will you be more confident that you are doing what the Lord has for you, but, as you lay your activities out before the Lord, you’ll be teaching your children a valuable lesson. As I watched my mother begin to question why we were doing various activities and start to take our calendars before the Lord, she was unknowingly teaching us that we needed to live our lives on our knees. Although I didn’t see it at the time, or always appreciate the results, today I am grateful for her example. I find myself referring to her godly actions over and over again when I need to make decisions and put together my calendar. Sorting out activities before the Lord could very well bring life-long blessings to your children!