Home Education: An Excellent Choice—the theme for the 2008 convention has been running through my mind ever since our convention director pointed out that little word “choice,” and warned us that God has a way of letting the entire HEAV staff and volunteers live the theme all year. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I know that God has been using the theme to bless and convict me all summer long. I’ve discovered the little word “choice” has very big implications.

When I’ve been tempted to complain or worry, God has been reminding me that I have a choice. I may not enjoy the situation I’m facing or the task I’m doing, but I can choose to delight in it, knowing it’s what God has given me. Delighting in our Lord and His will is a daily choice we each get to make.

I know the 2008 convention is a long way away, but I invite you to join us in pondering the theme. Please also remember the convention in your prayers as many decisions will be being made in the coming weeks. You can check back at http://www.heav.org/convention for more details about the convention as they become available. We hope to have more speaker information online by the end of October.


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  1. Cris says:

    “the Excellent Choice”–great theme for the convention. Looking forward to seeing how God continues to use it!

    The Excellent Choice makes me think of salvation! How God gave us a choice–to continue in our sin–or to exchange our sinful life for the perfect righteous life of Christ! What a deal! Seems every choice pales in comparison and is filtered by that one.

    May we all keep choosing excellence.