On my way home from a walk the other day, I stopped and examined my bean plants. I shook my head in amazement. They were still bearing fruit!

My bean plants have had so much happen to them this year. Early on in the season, the deer decided to begin nibbling off all the new growth. Then the bugs came and put big holes in the remaining leaves. The drought all summer seemed enough to destroy them completely. Yet through it all, my beans kept growing and bearing fruit.

Now, if I were a bean plant, I’m sure I would have felt I had an excuse not to bear fruit with all that had happened to me. But my bean plants have reminded me that I don’t have any excuses. God Himself has promised me His strength. I have no excuse not to walk trusting and abiding in Him.

Next time you have one of those days where it seems like nothing in your homeschool turned out the way you had planned, remember God has not changed: His strength and love for you are still there as strong as ever. And He can help you be a “hardy bean plant” for His glory.