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This last weekend, I forced myself to attack some paperwork that I’d been putting off for a long time. As I pulled the stack of papers out, I wanted desperately to shove them back into the corner. The thought of organizing two year’s worth of notes and research was overwhelming. I wanted to give up, but the things I’d heard at the HEAV Homeschool Success Seminar on organization that I had attended a few days before motivated me to keep going.

In the seminar, Flo Feldman addressed the issue of organization in a way I’d never heard it addressed before. Instead of overwhelming me with techniques that I could never follow long-term, she shared the root problems of disorganization and encouraged us to change from the inside out, asking God to help us be diligent in the daily tasks of life.

I wish I could capture all the seminar content on paper, but I’m afraid I’ll have to settle for sharing a few things that have engraved themselves into my memory. I hope they will prove a blessing to you as you embark on the new school year and deal with the accompanying paperwork.

Resist the temptation to put something off until later. Deal with it now.

Go through and get rid of things before you head off to the store to buy organizing supplies. I found this point so very helpful! When I went to go through my paperwork this weekend, I found myself strongly tempted to think I simply needed a better organizing tool. Wrong. I needed to deal with the mess, not transfer it into something nicer-looking.

Remember that organization doesn’t happen overnight. My natural tendency is to rush into something whole-heartedly and try to organize everything all at once. Mrs. Feldman reminded me to take it step-by-step and not to be discouraged if I have to reorganize several times. It’s okay to peel back in layers.

Organization is a daily choice. I could have the best-organized office ever, but if I don’t daily choose to put the paperwork away and keep it clean, it won’t stay organized.

We can find a way to organize that works for us; we don’t have to follow a formula. It’s refreshing to remember that God made us all individuals. I don’t have to organize the same way someone else does! I can let God show me systems that will work for me. Of course, this also means I don’t have any excuses. Just because I can’t organize the same way someone else does, doesn’t mean I’m off the hook. It just means I need to seek God for a different plan.

With those thoughts in mind, I think I’d better stop and go put away a few papers I see lying around.


P.S. Over the next several weeks, HEAV will be hosting several more success seminars on different topics. I’d encourage you to attend, if at all possible! Unlike large seminars with hundreds of people, these seminars are kept small, allowing the speaker to address the needs of each individual. I truly felt like I was sitting in someone’s living room and gleaning from her lifetime’s worth of experience.

You can find out more details on upcoming seminars in the last HEAV Update.

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