With September just around the corner, I imagine that many of you are beginning to think about the upcoming school year. Perhaps some of you are questioning your abilities to teach your children. I know my mother was certainly scared at the prospect of being my teacher.

In the midst of her fears, God gave her Isaiah 54:13, “All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children’s peace.” (NIV)

My mom clung to this verse, asking God to teach us what we needed to know. And He did—truly no one teaches like God! God knows everything about everything—what better teacher could we have?

Last week, my mom and I got to tour Answers in Genesis’ new Creation Museum just outside Cincinnati. The whole museum was wonderful, but the planetarium presentation especially left an indelible impression in my mind. At one point during the presentation, our entire galaxy appeared as just a tiny dot in the scheme of stars and galaxies God has placed throughout space.

And just think—God calls each one of those stars by name and holds them in the palm of His hand! When you feel overwhelmed by your own inadequacies, stop and remember that the God who holds each star in place is there, ready and willing to teach you and your children. Keep your eyes on Him and seek His wisdom each step of the way. He gave your children to you, and He knows perfectly how to teach them—and you.