After each year of homeschooling, parents must submit evidence of their child’s academic achievement to the division superintendent (or his designee) by August 1. The evidence may be in the form of a standardized achievement test or an evaluation or an assessment (§ 22.1-254.1 (C)).

C. The parent who elects to provide home instruction shall provide the division superintendent by August 1 following the school year in which the child has received home instruction with either (i) evidence that the child has attained a composite score in or above the fourth stanine on any nationally normed standardized achievement test or (ii) an evaluation or assessment which the division superintendent determines to indicate that the child is achieving an adequate level of educational growth and progress.

Questions about testing?

  • Who must be tested?
  • What kind of test can you use?
  • Who can administer the test?
  • Is pre-approval necessary?

HEAV’s Testing FAQ covers the most-asked testing questions. Know all your testing options. Look for information on the HEAV website under “Testing.”