Take Care When Using Local Forms!
If you plan to file under the homeschool statute, §22.1- 254.1, the deadline for notifying your local superintendent that you intend to homeschool is August 15. Be careful when using your local district’s Notice of Intent form! The law does not require you to use the form your school district provides. Some forms still fail to reflect the 2006 changes in the homeschool statute. They may also ask for more information than the law requires, such as your child’s social security number.

In lieu of a form, you may write a letter that includes the appropriate information. Or you may use HEAV’s standard NOI form. Our Notice of Intent form is accepted by all school divisions. It is carefully worded to include only the information required by the Virginia homeschool statute, §22.1-254.1. If you use the form from our website, be sure to click on the link at the top of the page to print the pdf version.

Immunization Records Not Required with NOI
The law does not require a parent to submit immunization records along with the Notice of Intent form. However, ALL homeschoolers must keep immunization records on file. If a parent objects to immunizing his child because of religious reasons, the parent may keep a copy of the Commonwealth of Virginia Certificate of Exemption on file. Also, proof of immunization is not required if a parent has written certification from a licensed physician stating that a required immunization may be harmful to the child’s health. The physician must indicate the specific nature of the medical condition or circumstance.