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Have you ever thought about the work that happens behind a convention? I never had really given it much thought until a year ago when I got a booth for the first time. I quickly discovered that booths, nametags, signs, schedules, and the thousands of other little aspects of the convention don’t just fall into place on their own. It takes lots of people working hard behind the scenes to put a convention together.

This afternoon, the HEAV exhibit hall will open its doors for the premier evening of shopping. Few wandering the halls would have guessed what a frenzy of preparation that same hall looked like a few hours before as exhibitors scrambled to get their books unpacked and displayed. Fewer still will have imaged the year’s worth of planning and preparations that went into organizing the convention. A lot goes on behind the scenes.

As I’ve been getting ready for the convention, I have been struck by the similarity between a homeschooling convention and homeschooling itself. Homeschooling involves a lot of work no one ever sees or seems to appreciate–things like teaching phonics lessons, changing diapers, and washing dishes. Yet just like the “behind the scenes” work at a convention, there is value in teaching the seemingly endless lessons and washing the never-ending pile of dishes. In fact, there’s no better use of your time than training your child for eternity–even if no one else acknowledges what you do “behind the scenes.”

I hope you will join us at the convention this weekend and that you will be encouraged there to continue the “behind the scenes” work you are doing in your own home.

In His Care,

Katherine Loop

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