Hello Everyone,

I am Eric Roberts, Author of the 8 Chords, 100 Songs Worship Guitar Program and Online School.

Stop by our booth at the 2007 convention to learn more about the online school and how it can help all of your kids. Last week in Chicago I caught up with students that have been learning with my program for only a year and many of them are leading worship, writing songs and having great success. I always knew that it really worked but now I am begining to seze the students from the past year and I am really impressed with their progress. I have posted their stories as video interviews on my youtube channel. You can watch them

Bring your kids by to meet me at booth #267

Our guitar and book pack special for HEAV is only 149.99
Also, you can try the program on my web site at:

Hope to see you soon,

Eric Roberts
Booth 267 HEAV 2007