Homeschool Convention—those two words bring back so many memories! I remember the eagerness with which I looked forward to convention time as a homeschool child. The convention meant new books to read and maybe a few other goodies :). As I grew older, I began enjoying the convention more and more, and would help my mom develop our “plan of attack,” pouring with her over the convention brochure and making a list of booths to visit.

No matter how much I had prepared, the number of materials at the convention always amazed me (and still does). Books, books, and more books—what a feast! I enjoyed browsing the book tables and helping my mom select the next year’s curriculum. I made it a goal to find the materials we needed for the best price possible.

Then came the workshops. Who cares if the speakers were addressing moms and dads? There was always plenty for me to learn too. It was just encouraging to sit and listen to truths from God’s Word and see that there were others out there treading the same road we had chosen.

But enough of memories. Time to move forward and get ready for the HEAV convention…I hope to see you there!

Katherine Loop