Let me be the first to welcome you to the new HEAV blog. After talking about it for more than a year, the blog has finally become a reality — and just in time for the convention!

With only three days to the start of the 24th Annual HEAV State Convention & Educational Fair (make that two days, 16 hours, and 27 minutes!), our year of planning, preparation, and prayer is about to come to fruition.

Exhibitors and speakers from all over the nation will arrive on Wednesday and Thursday, followed by thousands of homeschool families from all parts of Virginia and beyond. Even after almost 18 years with HEAV, the grand choreography of this event leaves me in awe.

When I think of the scores of exhibitors and speakers preparing, packing, and traveling to come and encourage and support homeschool families; the thousands of moms and dads organizing their families, driving plans, and budgets to attend; the hundreds of Used Curriculum Sale sellers labeling their more than 42,000 items; and the 185 graduates and their families and 2600 guests preparing to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime milestone together, I can hardly get my mind around the energy, determination, focus, and commitment of the homeschool community, and the awesomeness of the Lord as He prepares us all to meet together.

I hope I will see you there!

Now…to put our new blog to good use:

During the next five days, guest bloggers — homeschool moms and dads, speakers, and exhibitors — will all report live from the convention. They will be writing about their experiences and thoughts, uploading photos, and sharing with you the joy and excitement of this year’s event. I hope you enjoy their musings.

Anne Miller, HEAV president


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  1. Bonni says:

    Having this blog is a great idea!


  2. ethan says:

    awesome I look forward to reading the blog